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Friendship Travel: it’s all in the name. Friendly holidays for like-minded people who happen to be single, or would otherwise be holidaying alone.

I founded Friendship Travel in 1999 after several years working for other travel companies (I’m older than I look). The first Friendship Travel season featured just one property in Turkey: it was a hectic summer! Since then we have arranged holidays for tens of thousands of single travellers and now feel, thanks to listening to our guests, that we have the balance just about right.

Our philosophy is simple. We combine beautiful destinations with comfortable surroundings and great people – our Friendship Travel hosts and the good company of our guests. The resulting holidays are relaxing, fun and friendly.

Friendship Travel was the first singles company to offer double rooms for sole occupancy – as standard. We were the first to launch a Chat Room on our website, and the first to Video real single travellers talking about their holiday experiences. We’ve now developed the first ‘holidays for single travellers’ smart phone app.

But for all the innovation and techy stuff, Friendship Travel remains focused on personal service and experience. Our small team is on the other end of the phone, happy to share their experiences with you – between us, we’ve sampled all our holidays and hotels.

Every year, more than half our guests are ‘old friends’, or have booked on the basis of a personal recommendation. If you’ve not yet chosen Friendship Travel, why not give us a try? We truly believe we offer the best all-round experience and we strive to ensure your holiday is the best it can be.

Colum McLornan and team



  1. Laura says:

    Your website doesn’t say what the age group of the majority of your travellers are. I realise all the single traveller holiday companies tend to say things like their holidays are suitable for any age from 20’s through to 80’s and everything in between, but I’m quite keen to be amongst people of a similar age to me.

    What is the majority age group of the people travelling with you?

  2. beryl hatton says:

    You state ages up to 60 – is that true as I am older but very fit and young at heart.
    Do you offer any small cruise ships as the very large ones are not my idea of cruising. I have been to many places all over the world so have lots of experience.

    1. Colum McLornan says:

      Our holidays have no upper age limit. In the past clients in their 70’s and 80’s have enjoyed a Friendship Travel holiday. We have small simple style ships in Turkey and Croatia. Visit the cruise section on our web site for details or give us a call on UK 0871 200 2035.

    2. Colum McLornan says:

      We have no upper age limit and we offer smaller cruises as well. Give us a call on 0871 200 2035

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