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Why should I travel to Rhodes in Greece?

Rhodes in Greece

Looking for your next holiday destination? Why not consider the beautiful island destination of Rhodes in Greece? With incredible weather and brilliant attractions, it’s an easy decision to make. There are a hundred and one reasons to make Rhodes the location of your next solos holiday but, in this article, we are highlighting just some …

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A guide to the acropolis in Lindos

Acropolis of Lindos

When it comes to discovering the treasures of Ancient Greece, the island of Rhodes provides plenty of opportunities. While the once famed Colossus of Rhodes is no longer standing, there are plenty of remnants of one of history’s most important civilisations, especially in the wonderful village of Lindos. This ancient archaeological site is home to …

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Dive into history with must-see Rhodes attractions

For history lovers, explorers, and sightseers, it’s hard to beat the island of Rhodes as a future holiday destination. Rhodes has an incredible legacy, stretching back to ancient times and in this guide, we highlight just some of the many fascinating attractions to visit sometime in the future, allowing visitors to experience its long history.


Greece expects a 10% boost in tourism in 2020

With white sandy beaches, the crystal clear Mediterranean ocean and not to mention the delicious Greek cuisine, it comes as no surprise that Greece is a popular destination for holidaymakers, including those looking for last minute singles holidays. 

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