Have you had the COVID virus? Are you suffering from 'Long COVID'? Together with the BodyHoliday resort we can offer you a relaxing holiday to help your recovery. 

This specially designed, non-medical, program is unique for those who are part of the growing number of people who are Covid recoverees, many of whom will have been A symptomatic or had the virus in a mild form. The program targets and strengthens the respiratory system to aid recovery and general respiratory health.

This fully immersive programme is supported throughout by our world class dedicated practitioner team. As well as guiding guests throughout the journey, guests will also receive a pre-arrival online consultation, an alignment consultation on arrival and a departure consultation.

As well as your normal all-inclusive package and included items the following can be added from £650 per person - 

Dr. Giles and Dr Govind – BodyScience, Ayuveda & Acunpucture Programme

  1. Before and After PonyFx Test [Lung Function], This test will find out the following
  • Oxygen Affinity
  • CO2 Affinity
  • Forced Ventilation
  • Tital Volume of Lung
  • Forced Vital Capacity
  • Slow Vital Capacity
  • Pulmonary Ventilation
  1. Acupuncture helps build or Stimulate the energy within the respiratory system. This energy is called Qi –Chi. When lung Qi is strong and the body is balanced, then respiratory issues rarely become an issue.  Acupuncture stimulates blood flow which carries oxygen to every cell in the body. The increase blood flow boosts the immune system, dilates the bronchioles and produces anti-inflammatory agents that help improve breathing by relaxing the muscles.
  2. Cupping therapy works to loosen the congestion and fluids from your lungs so that the body can safely expel them. It also induces the immunity system of your body to react against the congestion to help clear it. When the cup with vacuum is placed over the body, it creates a negative suction that induces the flow of blood to the area. Not only do the lungs receive a fresh infusion of healing, oxygen, nutrients and lymph, but the blood also works to cleanse it of the impurities and other debris it may have accumulated. In this way, the muscles of your respiratory system are healed and become stronger. Lungs become more efficient and are stimulated to eliminate the congestion and stagnation.
  3. FAR infrared Therapy – Everyday

Pranayama Yogic breathwork or Pranayama is an excellent way to revitalize prana within the body. Pranayama is a practice in controlling the breath. Pranayama cleanses and strengthens the physical body while calming and clearing the mind. It is important to practice with the proper posture to allow the breath to move freely in the body. Prana Breath [Nasyam]- The respiratory system is an intricate and delicate network of channels that carry Prana (the vital life-force) and oxygen. The lungs are the organs that receive the prana and oxygen that we breathe in through our nose and mouth.

In Ayurveda, the lungs and the stomach are important sites of the Kapha Dosha force in the body which is governed by the elements of water and earth. Most disorders of the respiratory system are a result of imbalanced kapha dosha. Mucus or phlegm is produced in the stomach and accumulates in the lungs. It can then be distributed to other sites in the respiratory tract manifesting as imbalances. Although accumulation of mucus does not mean that a respiratory imbalance will develop, it is indicative of low digestive fire. Low agni is among the common causes of respiratory imbalances and very often, the treatment protocol involves to Stimulate the digestive fire so that digestion can operate more optimally.

Albertha – Massage Therapist

Swe-Thai Massage - a Multi-beneficial Treatment

This is a combination of Swedish / Deep tissue massage to alleviate pain and tension, and Thai Massage which uses passive stretching to increase flexibility, alleviate pain and tension and encourage and balance energy flow.

Tendel – Bhutanese Practitioner/Ida – Balineise Practitioner

1. Reiki
2. Pressure point/ acupressure
3. Reflexology point
4. Thai Massage

1. Reiki for Lungs. Reiki can brings more oxygen in the body to increase immune system in our body as well as for lungs. The lungs are controlled by the Heart Chakra and may benefit from Reiki to this Chakra.

2. Pressure Point/ acupressure can really helpful to increase our energy level by working on points in our body to boost up the immune system and also increase blood flow.

3. Reflexology point. Working on foot and hand points can help to increase our immune system. It has many benefits from reflexology but at this point have to focus on lungs.

4. Thai Massage. This treatment can really boost up the energy as well as increase our immune system by doing stretching, working on energy line, and also to increase our breathing. Offering Thai massage outdoor can help to gain more energy, peace, fresh air etc.

Above treatments can be offer in 45 to 60 mins.

Maite – Osteopath

- Cranio sacral therapy (45minutes) : treatment focused on the spine and the skull in purpose to balance the each structures having a effect on the autonomic nervous system which is responsible of the good function of each organ and indispensable for guaranteed the homeostasis of the body. Better at the end of the program because it would help the body to process all the treatments done before. 

- Respiratory osteopathic Manipulative treatment (30minutes) : treatment focused on the respiratory system with 5 techniques: 

* thoracic inlet releases

* rib raising

* thoracic diaphragm release 

* lymphatic pumps 

* splenic and liver pump. 


Dr Allie – Metaphysician

Chi Nei Tsang Tou Tang - Detoxifying Abdominal Massage & De-stress Head Therapy   - 60 mins                                                                                        

A form of abdominal massage based on ancient Chinese Taoist healing techniques that work by releasing blocked energy and revitalizing the internal organs; helping to detoxify, strengthen and refine the body’s systems. Together with by an intensive therapeutic head massage, this Chi Nei Tsang Tou Tang program can release symptoms of emotional and physical tension - including respiratory restrictions, breathing disorders, anxiety and mental pressure.

Emotional Wellbeing Sessions – Release and Re-Set sessions for mental and emotional release. 60 mins

During these challenging times of disruption and disconnection many of us are becoming more aware of the need to protect our mental wellbeing. Using Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression techniques to detox and release your negative mind sets, negative thoughts and behaviors these tried and tested therapies are globally recognized and important tools to help bring back mental wellbeing and emotional equilibrium

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