1.8 million Britons looking abroad for sunshineThe weather forecast in Britain for the Bank Holiday weekend is looking bleak, with rain and cool temperatures looking like the norm. Britons are heading overseas as a result, with as many as 1.8 million seeking sunshine in other countries.

The most popular destinations that people are heading to are all within a close distance to the UK with the most popular being  Spain, particularly Balearic Islands like the ever-popular Mallorca.

Coming in close behind Spain were Turkey, the Greek Islands and Egypt, all countries that will certainly be warmer than Great Britain. Not only is the gorgeous weather a good reason to travel, but the pound is also at a four year high against the euro so tourists are currently benefiting from 10% more spending power than they did last year in the eurozone.

Those wanting to get away from the cold and wet British weather and enjoy solo holidays in the sunshine now have plenty of opportunity to do so thanks to the strength of the pound and the wide range of fantastic destinations available close by.


Image credit: Random_fotos