2011 Tenerife tourism levels show sharp increase The popular holiday location of Tenerife has been experiencing an influx of British tourists, after a fruitful year for tourism on the Canary Island.

Figures released by a top UK holiday comparison site recorded that visitor levels of British tourists saw an increase of 10%, the highest level since 2008 according to the Tenerife Tourism Corporation.

The island saw continuous interest throughout the year, with Tenerife being the operator’s most booked destination from London airports in February 2011. The most successful period was September of that year, with inbound tourism levels up by 34%, a development that proved fortuitous to a variety of businesses across the island.

Its clear Tenerife has certainly been a hotspot for tourists over the last year, but what is its secret? Why not come and discover the island for yourself as part of one of the many singles holidays we offer?

Image credit: rwx (Flickr)