Anyone with a busy job will be used to having to plan their holidays well in advance in order to get the best deals and make full use of their annual leave, so millions will be pleased to learn that the 2017 bank holidays have fallen rather kindly for anyone looking to enjoy an extended break next year.

As has been reported by several national newspapers – such as this article from The Sun – hopeful holidaymakers will be able to have 18 successive days away from the office around Easter 2017 by taking only nine days of holiday.


This is due to the 18-day stretch between Good Friday (which falls on 14 April) and May Day being made up of three weekends and three bank holiday days, meaning that exactly half of the period will not require workers to book any time off.

What’s more, the 2017 festive period is also potentially more generous than usual in terms of holiday time, with the Christmas dates affording the opportunity for 10 days off in a row with employees only having to take three days of leave.

This unusual ‘two for one’ situation should be music to the ears of anyone planning to embark on an over 50s singles holidays in 2017, although those hoping to take advantage will have to get booking quickly – some of your colleagues will no doubt be checking their diaries already!