The London Underground is getting an upgrade as 4G mobile coverage is set to be implemented.

London Underground

Embracing the future, the London Underground will soon allow travellers to make phone calls and browse the web even while traversing the tunnels beneath the city.

Selected stations already have Wi-Fi but large portions of the underground are out of reach of mobile networks, leaving travellers in the dark.

The promise of mobile coverage comes from London Mayor Sadiq Khan (Via the Evening Standard), who has a target to “deliver 4G mobile connectivity to London Underground, both in station and tunnels from 2019, future-proofed ready for 5G.”

The Waterloo & City line is likely to receive a trial of the network, as it has only two stops and is closed on Sundays, providing opportunities for easier installation and testing.

The new Elizabeth line will also have full mobile coverage when it fully launches in December 2018.

These changes are set to put London ahead of its global competitors and if you’re eying a future singles holiday in the UK, you’ll surely be pleased to know that you can soon make full use of your mobile devices even while traversing the capital.