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Whether you’re looking for a singles holiday for over 60s, or looking for the adventure holiday of a lifetime, any seasoned traveller will tell you that travel insurance is not something to be overlooked.

With nearly 10 million Brits not taking out the correct travel insurance in 2017 alone, we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure you are fully covered on your next holiday.

Take out cover as soon as you book your holiday 

It might sound a bit overly cautious, but think about it: what if something were to happen to you before you’ve even left for the airport? Money saving expert Martin Lewis believes this to be a crucial step in ensuring you are covered right from the start: “Sadly too often I hear stories like ‘I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, I was due to go on holiday in six weeks, but now need chemo. The airline won’t refund my ticket, what can I do?’ The unfortunate answer is not a lot. You’re only covered for cancellation if you have insurance before an illness/injury, job loss, jury service call-up etc.”

You’ll also want to be covered in case of a cancellation either by the holiday company or the airline.

Consider what you may already be covered for

If you’re driving abroad for instance – does your car insurance also cover you when you’re abroad? What about your luggage? Perhaps this is already covered under your home contents insurance? Before purchasing your policy, it’s worth checking what your current insurance policies have in place already.

Consider the type of holiday and countries you’ll be visiting

Some policies may cover one particular type of holiday and not others, so it is worth declaring whether you are going on a cruise, flying, or driving, as you could end up with your insurance void. If you’re planning on visiting more than one country on your holiday even just for a few hours, it’s also worth letting your insurer know just in case.

Don’t withhold your medical conditions

In order to save money, it can be tempting to withhold any medical conditions you have that don’t ‘actively’ affect you, such as those you control with medication. But it is always worth telling your insurer about in case anything were to happen on your trip. Plus, you never know how a different climate and diet may affect you.

Cover yourself and your activities

Make sure you purchase a level of cover that is enough to fully insure you and any activities you may be getting up to whilst on your trip. If you are going on a sport/activity holiday such as a winter ski holiday, it may be worth looking into a specialised insurance policy to ensure it covers all bases.

Looking to take out an annual policy? If so, you’ll also want to check the policy’s maximum duration per trip. If it’s not going to cover you for the duration of your travels, you may want to take out single trip cover instead.

Did you know we offer a range of holiday extras including travel insurance? Get in touch with us for any help and advice when it comes to booking your next singles holiday.

Image Credit: Oleksandr Pidvalnyi, Pexels