A 90-year-old Italian man has been showing the world that age really is no limit when it comes to hitting the slopes in a recently released video.

Tommy Tomasi, who was born in the mountains of Northern Italy, has been skiing since the age of four and still spends as much as seven hours every day traversing the pistes of Thredbo in Australia, where he founded the resort’s ski patrol after moving to the country following the Second World War.

Mr Tomasi was a ski racer as a youngster in his native Italy, but his idyllic childhood was disrupted when he had to join the Italian Partisans and the fight against Hitler. After capture by the Gestapo, Tomasi survived nine months in a concentration camp before escaping with three other prisoners.


Australia may not have seemed like the ideal post-war destination for a passionate skier; in fact, Tomasi did not know there was any snow in Australia until he saw an advert for a resort in New South Wales. However, by 1953 he had found a job as a ski instructor and his career in the industry continues until this day – he recently celebrated his 60th year at Thredbo.

So, whether your idea of a perfect singles holiday destination is exploring the mountains or simply relaxing on the beach, Mr Tomasi is living proof that you’re never too old to do something you love! As the man puts it himself: ‘I never think to give up. If you can do it, I can do it”.

Image Credit: taki Lau