Take a group of guests, a few chateaux, several glasses of wine and some delicious food = one fabulous long weekend in Bordeaux on the Friendship Travel break.

We learnt so much on the initial evening; we were instructed to sniff different vials containing the smell of smoke (I kid you not), which included vanilla and roses, amongst others. Empowered with knowledge from that evening, we got so much more out of subsequent wine tours on the following days. Although the weather was grey and wet, we were in good company (from all over the world) and didn’t have to venture far from our cosy central hotel to get on the bus tours. An excellent guide led us through the vocabulary and landscape of Haut Medoc and St Emilion – the latter sits on top of the highest church in the land as the church lies deep underground in the limestone of long ago.

Wine in barrels - Bordeaux

On Sunday morning we walked through the centre of Bordeaux, learning about the French Revolution (amongst other bits of French history), which changed the names of so many roads in the city. Marie Antoinette may be renowned for the ‘Let them eat cake’ saying, but we did so much more than that; Bordeaux offers myriad choices for those who have opted for solo travelling, particularly in the seafood realm! And it was Easter, so the chocolate shops were overflowing.

Priscilla – Friendship Travel Host.