Renowned as a vibrant host of some of the most delicious seafood dishes from around the world, the Caribbean cuisine relies on the stunning sea life surrounding theCaribbean, whilst the marine life is responsible for thousands of local livelihoods.

There are worries that the ability to match the advanced state of other countries in the aquaculture industry is being hindered by lack of development in relevant equipment in the Caribbean.

Milton Haughton, Executive Director of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism said: “We have huge potential for increasing and expanding the production of aquaculture in theCaribbeanregion.” He went on to map out an action plan to tackle the issues, citing improved trade in fish and introducing legal, regulatory and administrative systems.

This is particularly poignant for the area as the Caribbean’s seafood is world-renowned, especially amongst visitors to the area who want to experience it first hand.

The Caribbean and its wondrous marine life is a great place to explore, and is popular amongst those on their solo holidays.

Image credit: Nouhailler