Australia encourages Aboriginal TourismThose looking for the ultimate cultural getaway have plenty of choices available to them, and Australia is fast becoming one of the top options thanks to investment in Aboriginal tourism projects.

The Minister for Tourism in Australia, Martin Ferguson, believes that there is great potential to be had with indigenous tourism, and that so far it has been relatively untapped. A number of projects are soon to get underway, including a $1 million project at Dreamworld theme park to create an Aboriginal wildlife experience section. An $825,000 grant was also given to the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land to invest in indigenous-owned tourism businesses.

Alongside these projects are plenty of cultural wonders available to see in Australia, including Uluru which has long been a sacred rock to the indigenous people of the area, and the Great Barrier Reef which houses some of the most beautiful marine life in the world.

Alongside Australia’s heritage and natural wonders there are also vibrant urban areas to explore, such as Sydney and Melbourne, so whatever kind of cultural experience you want on solo holidays, Australia has something for whatever mood you’re in.

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