Barcelona cathedral

As the weather becomes colder and the days become shorter, it’s the perfect time to schedule a holiday to look forward to. From learning about the medieval history in Bodrum to roaming Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona during a cruise for singles, you can enjoy a visit to some of Europe’s most spectacular cities without breaking your bank balance as new research reveals the best value cities for short breaks.

A recent article in the Independent, reports on the new rankings from Travel Supermarket, which show the cheapest cities for holidays across Europe. The rankings are based on the median price of flights and accommodation, the price of a three-course meal at an average restaurant and a pint. It compared 50 cities that are popular destinations for short-haul breaks form the UK.

The city which came out on top for the best value for money is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which attracts visitors with its old town charm and picturesque buildings. Also high on the list in fourth position is Belfast, where tourists can explore attractions such as the Botanic Gardens or Titanic Belfast and enjoy tasty meals and drinks without spending a fortune.

Emma Coulthurst a travel commentator for Travel Supermarket tells the Independent: “At the moment, a poor return of euros for sterling makes exchange rates an important consideration but the cost of living in a destination is equally important.

“Cities to consider for value this year include the usual suspects in Eastern Europe such as Sofia and Krakow but also destinations such as Porto and Lisbon in Portugal, Valencia in Spain where food and drink costs are a lot lower than in the UK and Berlin and Hamburg in Germany. And don’t forget Belfast, which is just a quick, reasonably priced hop away.”

There are so many amazing European cities to enjoy on solo holidays. If you’re ready to book yourself a holiday to remember, then browse our latest holiday deals to find your dream destination. For quick reference, here are the 20 cheapest city breaks in Europe according to Travel Supermarket’s research:

  1. Vilnius
  2. Bucharest
  3. Hamburg
  4. Belfast
  5. Turin
  6. Barcelona
  7. Berlin
  8. Milan
  9. Madrid
  10. Sofia
  11. Lyon
  12. Budapest
  13. Brussels
  14. Valencia
  15. Bologna
  16. Krakow
  17. Tallinn
  18. Oslo
  19. Cologne
  20. Prague