The latest Holiday Travel report from the Post Office has revealed that prices for drinks, meals and entertainment across Europe have been slashed and in most holiday destinations have decreased by 15 per cent.

Travelling to Crete has never been cheaperThis is great news for those going on singles holidays in the coming weeks and months. Those who are travelling to Crete will be especially happy as the research by the Post Office found that the cost of drinks, meals and entertainment on the Greek island have fallen by 20 per cent compared to last year.

This update comes after the news that the pound has reached a nine-year high against the euro, which will see Brits’ money go further during a holiday abroad.

Speaking to the Daily Express, Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money, said, “The news just keeps getting better and better for holidaymakers planning trips abroad as the pound hits heights against the euro, making Eurozone resorts the cheapest they’ve been in years.”

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