Thinking of going on a solo holiday? Then why not try skiing. It is common knowledge that being regularly active will keep you healthy, and help stave off the ageing process.

Ski holiday

Skiers and snowboarders have echoed this, constantly saying that it will “keep you young at heart”, but a new blood test has been developed that could actually prove that it does positively affect your biological age.

An international team of scientists is said to have created the most accurate way of measuring the age of your body’s cells.

Analysing the levels of glycans – sugar molecules – which attach to proteins in your immune system, forming distinctive patterns that change with age, it gives the best indication yet as to a person’s biological age.

There are a number of lifestyle facts that can see your glycan levels age, including smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet and raised cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Six volunteers, all aged 55, were invited to take the test by the Daily Mail.

The results showed that the ‘youngest’ was ski instructor and founder of Winter Sports Company Karen La Borde.

skiing can make you young

Six years ago, Karen and her husband Steve gave up the typical 9-5 for a new lifestyle. Both turned to skiing, and went about earning the qualifications to become Ski instructors.

Now the couple own their own business, training ski and snowboard instructors, and spend every season in Canada and Europe from December to April running their courses.

The results of the test said that Karen’s biological age was between 21 and 34 years younger than her actual chronological age – the same age as her son.

The participants’ biological ages ranged from 34 to 76. To discover your glycan age visit