The economy of up and coming tourist destination Cape Verde is set to benefit from a $66.2 million investment from the US.

Both real estate and tourism look to benefit from the welcomed aid injection from the foreign investors, Millennium Challenge Corporation in five year agreement.

To help with the increasing number of tourists the country is seeing, the investment will be used to reform water sanitisation, land management policies and other projects to sustain the growing tourism industry.

Visitors to the country are said to be increasing at a rate of 20% per year and it is expected that tourist figures will reach 500,000 by 2015 and 1 million by 2020.

Other positive indicators include flight comparison company SkyScanner named Cape Verde 3rd in its list of emerging destinations in 2011 and news of extra direct flights being offered to the destination from theUK.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Moises.on