Cape Verde Islands recognised as top ten holiday destinations In a recent poll by a leading holiday rental site, it has been declared that the beautiful Cape Verde Islands are among the top ten most sought after holiday locations on the planet. It’s the first time the island chain has been included among the prestigious group, for which it comes as excellent news considering the region relies heavily on its tourism industry.

Located in the North Atlantic, the islands offer luscious sandy beaches, beautiful rocky landscapes and a tropical climate, just some of the reasons why thousands of Brits have been flocking to both Boa Vista and Praia in search of the ultimate tropical getaway.

With its debut inclusion in the list, it’s clear that tourism for the region is increasing. Sporting a thriving nightlife and unspoilt scenery, it has all the makings of the perfect holiday destination. Why not book your trip to the Cape Verde islands as part of singles holidays and see what all the fuss is about?

Image courtesy of Flickr user IDS photos