Enjoy Caribbean beaches on singles holidaysThere was a rise in Caribbean tourism levels in 2011 compared to 2010, according to a report by a leading organisation released last month.

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) revealed there were 23.8 million stay-over visitors in 2011, a3.3 percent rise over 2010.

Although growth has been relatively slow, the fact it is maintaining stability in a choppy marketplace can only be a positive for the area, which is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers around the world due its beautiful beaches and idyllic location.

A spokesperson for the CTO said: “The Caribbean tourism industry is holding its own, remaining afloat and resilient amid turbulence in the marketplace. Tourist arrivals to the Caribbean region remained buoyant in 2011, continuing the recovery process which began in2010”.

A great place to meet new people and experience different cultures, the Caribbean is a must for those planning to embark on their singles holidays this year.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Nouhailler