Celebrities flock to Greece for holidaysGreece has been a popular tourism hotspot for years, and with its warm weather, picturesque villages and crystal blue seas it has all the ingredients needed to draw in anyone looking for solo holidays away from the stresses of daily life. It comes as no surprise that boatloads of celebrities are heading to Greece this year.

Some of the most well-known faces to be seen in Greece this year include legendary actors John Travolta and Robert DeNiro, as well as Hollywood’s golden couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Demi Moore and Roman Abramovic are the latest celebrities to join the list of big stars to enjoy a holiday in the country. Demi was spotted on the island of Mykonos and was seen eating out at local Greek restaurants.

Roman Abramovic similarly spent time on a lovely Greek island, choosing Kefalonia instead. He enjoyed a very low key holiday, spending his time away from the world of business cycling on his bike and visiting local taverns.

Image credit: David Shankbone (commons.wikimedia.org)