Hi there, just a few lines from me (Julie) and Andrea.

We know you have all been getting some pretty nice weather back there in the UK: just a few days of sun and you’re all stripping off, having barbecues etc… And that is how it is pretty much all summer out here on the beautiful island of Rhodes!

Our singles holidays in Greece have been up and running for almost a month, and our first guests at Lindos Memories, our popular luxury option, arrived just in time for some exceptionally good weather.

The following week we had a ‘two weeks for the price of one’ offer at Caesars Gardens, our houseparty style hotel on Rhodes.  It was great to welcome new faces and see some familiar ones.  New or old, by the time the second week had come to an end, we’d all become good friends.  We have shared friendly breakfasts, fun excursions and some late nights.  We’ve also shared good food, lots of wine and our supply of aspirin!

This week, we’ve been exploring the local tavernas, and can particularly recommend the traditional Greek mezes offered at Odyssia in Lindos.

In between times, Andrea and I have had a quick break (one night only!) in Rhodes Town, which we have only ever explored on day trips before. We loved Island Lipsi, a really great restaurant that serves traditional food: look out for it if you’re coming later in the summer.  The next day we packed in as much sightseeing as we could: jumping on to the tourist train that leaves every hour from Akaion and rumbles around the old town.  We saw the medieval fortifications, the ancient stadium, and the Temple of Apollo: all great photo opportunities.

And before we returned, we did a quick supermarket sweep for strawberries for the champagne reception we had planned.  So, Happy Birthday to May, one of our regular guests, who stays at Caesars Gardens every year.  I hope May enjoyed the celebrations as much as we all did!

Happy Birthday May!

Today we’ve also been ‘working hard’ on one of our excursions – an island safari by jeep!  We’ve seen some awesome views of the islands, eaten honey, tasted wine and drunk firewater – all in the line of duty!

As you can tell, Rhodes is very much up and running and open to visitors.  Don’t be put off by TV and tabloid headlines about ‘the Greek crisis’ – the locals are totally reliant on tourists, and you’ll never get a warmer welcome than in Greece this year!

Welcome to Rhodes!

See you soon – Julie and Andrea