All is ready for our Christmas and New Year breaks for singles, both at home and abroad.  More people than ever before have decided to do something positive about being single at Christmas, or solo at New Year, and are flying to sunnier shores, or joining one of our house-parties for single people here in the UK.  And who can blame you?

There are few things worse than being on your own at Christmas, and no matter how much we love our parents, sisters or grown-up children, spending the festive season eating their Brussels sprouts and watching their favourite TV programmes is hard work (especially if it is for the fourth year in a row).

This Christmas, Friendship Travel Hosts are welcoming 95 people to the Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa in Berkshire, where a large team will be headed up by Caroline.  That’s just about a sell-out!  There will be a good mix of new people nervously trying out their first solo Christmas, with quite a few ‘old’ friends who are regular travellers with us.  There will be good food, decent wine, funny conversations and an opportunity to dress up and dance.

Mel is spending Christmas in Tenerife with a smaller group of single travellers looking for some winter sun.  Sprouts are unlikely to be on the menu there!  Nor will they be much in evidence on our Nile Cruises, or beside the Red Sea at the Viking Club and the Baron Palms Resort.  These are all going to be welcoming single guests at some point over the festive season.

On New Year’s Eve, we are holding another big party for singles in Berkshire (it’s always popular) and have a group of almost 50 at the Park Inn Hotel in the centre of York.  Sandra and Joni are hosting there, and I know they’ll take good care of everyone.  As I type this, we have a couple of rooms still available for anyone who has left it a bit late to think about Auld Lang Syne.

Whatever you’re doing over the festive season, and whoever you’re celebrating it with, I do hope you have a great time.  Happy Christmas, and here’s to a great New Year.

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