Climate change will effect transatlantic flights

Differentiating weather patterns that are forecast in conjunction with climate change will increase transatlantic flight times making singles travel experiences longer, according to new research.

Not only will flight times increase, but will also add millions of pounds to airline fuels bills and running costs. The news comes as earlier studies have found that climate change is already having a major impact on air travel and including bumpier, turbulent flights and reducing the weight that planes can carry.

The jet stream that transatlantic flights currently follow, is being influenced by climate change and will increase the speed of the strong, high-altitude wind that blows west to east between America and Europe. The return journey for Brits currently stands at an hour longer than the outbound flight.

Dr Paul Williams, atmospheric scientist at the University of Reading told The Guardian: “The aviation industry is facing pressure to reduce its environmental impacts, but this study shows a new way in which aviation is itself susceptible to the effects of climate change.

“This effect will increase the fuel costs to airlines, potentially raising ticket prices, and it will worsen the environmental impacts of aviation.”

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