With white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and lush green forests, every year tourists head to Croatia to experience the ultimate summer destination, whether they’re going on a family trip, or cheap holiday for singles. However, can Croatia attract tourists all year round? A conference ‘Can Croatian tourism 365?’ was recently held, led by leading domestic and foreign experts who discussed the ways Croatia can become a tourist destination in both summer and winter.

During its 80 days of summer, the beaches and streets bustle with tourists soaking in the sun and appreciating the glorious nature views. The Croatian government want to extend the tourist season, which is great news for those looking to book solo holidays. Minister Cappelli comments to Total Croatia News about the efforts so far: “Headway has been made in many segments of this sector by high-quality approaches and models to extend the tourist season. The ongoing extension of the season was not happening by chance and that it was the result of endeavours by all stakeholders in the tourist trade.

“These efforts have been supported, among other things, by the government’s decision to allocate over 70 million kuna in the last two years for an increase in air traffic, as a result of which, the flight season has been extended by more than 30 days in both years, bringing more and more tourists to hotels, travel agencies, airports and elsewhere.”

Minister Cappelli mentioned that the authorities would continue to work on the extension to Croatia’s tourist season in 2020. Total Croatia News also reports that Dragan Kovačević of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) comments “that digital technologies also played an important role in plans to develop year-round tourism” and that “this year’s tourism revenues might markedly exceed last year’s result of 12 billion euro.”

Croatia plans to learn from the neighbouring EU countries, Austria and Hungary, who both manage to successfully attract tourists throughout the year. The conference explores the benefits of visiting Croatia that go beyond sun and sea, discussing how the culture, diversity and authenticity needs to become more well known to people across the world. On the website, the organisers of the conference state: “Today’s tourists are travellers looking for new authentic experiences, not mass tourists looking for a unified offer in any part of the world. Croatia should be a country that tourists do not choose because of the lowest price, but because of the superior service and authenticity of life, which Croatia as a destination can certainly offer.”

In the next few years, you can expect to see Croatia improve it’s offering for tourists all year round. Until then, you can enjoy the scenic destination in summer on a singles holiday to Croatia.