Croatia 4Croatia is proving itself to be one of the hottest travel destinations around for those looking for singles holidays at the moment as the Balkan country will soon welcome a record breaking amount of tourists.

So far, 241,443 British tourists have arrived in Croatia in 2012, a 23% increase on figures from the same time period last year. The Director of the Croatian National Tourist Office has said that the country is on target to reach 300,000 British visitors, and they are hoping to soon reach their 1990 record breaking figure of 500,000.

The Director is also confident that this number will continue to grow with the introduction of more flights and new routes in 2013. Croatia is a wonderful place to visit that is growing in popularity, offering a fresh experience of the Mediterranean holiday. With warm climates, a fascinating history and diverse culinary delights awaiting, why not take your next holiday in Croatia?

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