2016 was a record year for Croatian tourism, confirmed by income from the industry surpassing 18 percent of the country’s GDP.

Croatia beach

Croatia will be incredibly happy with how 2016 went in terms of their tourism figures. With a record season for the European country seeing 8.8 billion dollars of foreign currency income as a result of tourism. This in turn makes up a whopping 18.01 percent of the country’s gross domestic product – by far the highest in Europe.

Croatia as well welcomed 16.3 million arrivals, and 91.3 million overnights which is an increase of roughly 11 million from 2015.

Croatia’s economy currently relies heavily on the tourism industry so it’s just as well that the area is such a beautiful and popular destination for singles abroad on holiday.

With its culture rich cities and the incredibly scenic Dalmatian islands, one can see why travellers are flocking to the Mediterranean country in high numbers for their holidays.

With such prized assets, one can only imagine Croatia will continue to be an attractive proposition for many in 2017.