For travellers from the United Kingdom, research has shown that Eastern Europe and Croatia especially have become a popular holiday option in recent years.


Research from Visa has shown Croatia, Romania and Lithuania are among the top five fastest growing destinations for UK holiday seekers. Visa said it saw a 25 percent increase in the region between 2012-14. Overall spend in the area has increased 31% in the last five years.

“People are looking beyond the traditional Mediterranean holiday spots for new experiences,” said Kevin Jenkins, managing director for the UK and Ireland for Visa Europe. “Croatia’s exploding festival scene, low prices and stunning scenery are making it highly attractive and there’s a similar halo effect across Eastern Europe’s new tourist hotspots.”

Holidays to the island of Brac, Croatia are great holiday destinations for singles. With a vibrant nightlife scene, evenings in Brac are a great way to unwind after a day of sightseeing, beach lounging, and swimming in the Adriatic.

Croatia currently sees the largest amount of holiday spend in Eastern Europe by Brits, with £18.4 million spent on Visa cards during the summer of 2014. The bulk of the spending has been on entertainment. Up 202%, many visitors are spending their holiday money in pubs, bars and restaurants.

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