Brac, Croatia

Cycling tourism is growing throughout the world as travellers love the chance to explore a destination in their own time and using their own power.

With obvious health benefits as well, Croatian tourist officials are trying to make the island destination of Brac a highlight for those looking to make cycling part of their experience. To help spread the message, the national tourist board has elicited the help of a Brit – well known for his efforts of making bike riding popular.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson helped the island to introduce a promotional video announcing the initiative. Johnson, who has holidayed on the island for a number of years, brought cycle share schemes to London and has been instrumental in making the city more bike friendly.

At a recent press conference, the Brac cycling map was presented with more than 1000km of trails for visitors to enjoy while on the island. All maps include QR codes to increase connections to other tourist destinations on the island. Efforts in Brac are part of a wider regional cycling initiative being pulled together on

Just an hour’s journey from Split, Brac is one of Croatia’s top destinations. The island features the iconic Zlatni Rat beach and contains a number of quarries that have provided amazing stone for famous structures around the world, including The White House in Washington D.C.

The city has a well-established reputation for great nightlife, local culture, and adventure opportunities to excite solo and singles holidaymakers.

To see Boris’ performance, the video is here.

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