Cyprus is heading towards a new record for tourist arrivals in 2017.


Coming off the back of registering a historic high mark of 3.2 million visitors last year, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Deputy Director General, Marinos Menelaou, has informed MPs that 2017’s first quarter is showing an increase of 13.5 percent in terms of arrivals.

This is compared to the same period in 2016, also indicating an annual increase in revenue of 23 percent for the first two months of the year.

Menelaou also noted that the United Kingdom, which is the biggest tourist market for Cyprus, is registering a 10 percent increase in bookings for 2017 over 2016.

For the winter 2017/18 period, bookings are projected to increase by 20 percent over the same period last year. Winter arrivals in 2016/17 reached what is considered to be the country’s second highest of all time, tallying at 298,000.

These are indeed exciting times for Cyprus; a beautiful island nation, and ideal holiday destination for singles over 40. With its idyllic beaches, friendly locals, and rich history, these new figures are truly well deserved.

The ancient location of Kourion is one of the country’s most popular attractions to visit. Situated on a costal cliff, the site is vast and includes archaeological remains such as The Sanctuary of Apollo, House of Achilles, and a remarkable theatre constructed in the late second century BC.

And if you fancy testing your nerve for heights during your visit, a stunning castle ruin named St. Hilarion is an absolute must. Once a Crusader bastion, the site provides a fascinating glimpse into the past and breath-taking views of the island for those that reach the top.