Beach at sunset in Cyprus

If you’re planning a Mediterranean getaway, then there is no reason to look any further than the gorgeous island of Cyprus. With stretches of golden sand and panoramic views over the shimmering blue sea, this dreamy destination is perfect if you’re looking to soak up some summer sun. What’s more is that the Cyprus Tourism Organisation has just divulged details into their past twelve months, stating that it has been their best yet!

Since July 2017, more and more people have been booking cheap singles holidays to Cyprus, with July 2018 reaching a record high. The Cyprus Statistical Service recorded data for last month, finding that the industry experienced an annual increase of 1.6% – 8,596 more tourists visiting the stunning island in comparison to last year.

With every month so far in 2018 performing better than compared to the previous year, and with over three million people travelling to the holiday destination over the past twelve months, this is fantastic news for the country. Additionally, their main source of tourism income came from the UK, with 32.4% of those holidaying on the island travelling from our shores.

The last year has been great for Cyprus, with it not showing any signs of stopping. By the end of the year, it has been projected that the country’s economy will have continued to grow by up to as much as 4%.

There’s a number of reasons why people seem to be flocking to Cyprus. Not only can you find a number of enchanting beaches along the Mediterranean coast, but intriguing sites scattered across the island in locations such as Paphos will attract anyone interested in the countries interesting history.  Plus, with a wide variety of incredible restaurants offering you everything from traditional Cypriot cuisine to your favourite flavours from home, there’s something for everyone.

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