Padarn Lake in Llanberis, Wales.

British holidaymakers have voted several destinations in their own country as offering the best short break experiences when travelling alone.

According to the leading travel social networking site TourBar, its 15,000 UK members name locations close to home as amongst their top solo holidays in the last six months.

Members revealed that Britain offered the best options for weekend breaks and short retreats, as well as being popular with people travelling to concerts, fitting in some sightseeing and indulging in retail therapy alone.

Europe also got a mention in their hotspots list and favoured singles holidays abroad include the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Germany, all of which snagged places in the top five. Beyond the continent, The USA scored points as a prime location for business trips and India is an ideal destination for beach breaks.

For solo travelers, however, you can’t beat a mini holiday in the UK.

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