Discover the Algarve sand Sculpture festival Looking for something interesting to experience whilst enjoying a holiday abroad is always a great idea, especially when that holiday destination is the wonderful Algarve region of Portugal; the regions clean and sandy beaches and all year round warm climate has made it one of the most sought after destinations in Europe.

Every year the Algarve village of  Pêra hosts a wonderful international sand sculpture festival that delights travellers and visitors from across the world. The attraction is the largest of its type and is well worth the visit if you are enjoying singles holidays in the region, during August and September.

Each year the festival has a theme with this years being ‘Idols’, so you can expect lots of celebrities and even famous sporting names being created as sand sculptures across the 15,000 sqm site.

So be sure to catch the Algarve sculpture festival if you are visiting the region, it is open throughout the year up until the 31st of October.


Image credit:  Paulo Juntas