Aaahh.  Just enjoyed our last Friendship Travel singles weeks in Lindos, as Rhodes, like most of the Greek islands, winds down at the end of another season.


It was lovely to be back at Lindos Memories – our lovely 5-star where the staff always make you giggle and everyone feels right at home.  Thursday nights here are traditional Greek night, with good food and plenty of dancing.  One guest who is half-Cypriot taught us all how to dance ‘Zorba’ and demonstrated how to drink a shot of ouzo whilst doing push-ups – impressive!

Last week too, my parents were on holiday in Turkey and came over for a day-trip to say hello.  I gave them a tour of the medieval walled city and lunch in Rhodes’ oldest fish restaurant – gorgeous.

Meanwhile, back at Caesars Gardens, our last laid back singles house-party was coming to an end too.   One of Caesar’s friends, a well-known local character called Socrates, celebrated his birthday.  He’s one of the organizers of Rhodes Rock Festival and a very popular guy so the bar was jam-packed!   Great night.

All-in-all, a brilliant end to our season on Rhodes.  Roll on 2012, so we can come back and do this all over again!  Now all I have to do is pack.  But I’m sure I’ve got twice as much stuff as when I started the summer, and I’ve no idea how I’m going to get the suitcase shut … Bye everyone!

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