Europe Hits Half a Billion Visitors a YearEurope has always been one of the most popular destinations in the world for travellers, but the scale of this has just been revealed. It was recently announced that over half a billion holidaymakers travelled to European destinations last year, making the continent the world’s fastest growing region for tourism, now tied with Asia and the Pacific.

With our solo holidays to European destinations proving so popular year after year, we knew that there was a lot of demand for trips to this part of the world, even amongst those who live here, but this is a great figure. As the number of holidaymakers increase, the investment that can be expected in some of Europe’s best destinations does too, so you can look forward to even better continental holidays with us in the future.

Whether you’re joining us for a city break or a longer trip away, we have plenty to offer you in the world’s favourite holiday destination.

Image Credit: thebadastronomer