European destinations fare well as peak UK holiday season kicks inThe popular magazine Travel Weekly has published an article revealing the extent to which holidaymakers from the UK are planning on enjoying their getaways now that the summer season is truly upon us.

The piece explains that, whilst the excellent weather that has been seen in the UK recently has pushed up last-minute demand for domestic holidays, traditionally popular overseas hotspots like Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and particularly the Balearic Islands of Spain are still benefiting from the holiday boom more than anywhere else.

As the chief executive of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) Mark Tanzer noted, this coming weekend alone will see ‘millions of holidaymakers…heading off overseas with the Mediterranean countries attracting the lion’s share of visitors’.

It comes as little surprise to learn that the these top European destinations are once again proving so popular amongst the UK’s holidaying public, especially as more people are now able to consider embarking on the family or singles getaways of their dreams as the economic situation improves.


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