EurosAn app has been designed to help you figure out the best exchange rates in real time, which could leave travellers with more money to spend on holidays.

Launched by The Money Shop, users are being urged to use the app before flooding to the high street, with better exchange deals in the offing providing you reserve currency in advance.

The app could prove to be a popular addition to smart phones across the country, as evidenced by a recent poll by YourSayPlus, which reported that 37 per cent of UK holidaymakers view exchange rates as a major, influencing factor when booking a trip abroad.

Head of foreign exchange at The Money Shop Richard Turner said: ‘We have launched our new foreign exchange app to help make it easier for customers to get the best exchange rates by reserving currency online and collecting it from one of our stores at their convenience.’

Be sure to download the app before heading off on your singles holidays this summer to get the best value possible for your money.

Image credit: Julien Jorge