Experience the marvels of the Orient in Mallorca Heading to Mallorca on one of the many singles holidays available will give you access to one of the most highly regarded island resorts in the world. Renowned for its beaches, lush countryside and entertainment, Mallorca offers travellers a great opportunity to sample the delights of a beach holiday but with plenty more to see and do.

This September visitors to the island will be fortunate to find a very unique and interesting exhibition taking place, the Terracotta Army exhibition. The exhibition will feature fifteen of the actual Chinese figures that were discovered back in 1974 in what has been called one of the most important archaeological finds in history.

The exhibition is a great chance to explore something very unique in an even more unique setting, display boards and audio/visual shows will be in English, German and Spanish so as many visitors as possible can enjoy the exhibition.

Mallorca’s Terracotta army display began in May and will continue through until the 31st of October at the Poligono de Levente, Calle Puerto Rico.

Image Credit: Bernt Rostad