singles holidays to Paros GreeceIn a recent article, the highly respected American magazine Forbes has praised the stunning natural beauty that can be found all around Greece and its many surrounding islands, and promoted it as continuing to be a great place to take a holiday.

Tourism expert Ileana Von Hirsch explained how, despite recent troubles, the Greek nation is determined that 2012 will be a bumper year for holidays to the country. She wrote that the number of bookings has already increased on last year’s figures and that Greece’s fantastic scenery is always worth visiting.

Von Hirsch noted the diversity of Greece’s outlying islands, commending party hotspots like Paros and the more relaxed locations in equal measure.

So, if you are looking for singles holidays, don’t forget to include Greece in your searches. With both lively and tranquil destinations to choose from, this beautiful country can provide the perfect trip to suit every taste.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Ed Yourdon