Customer choice experts Which? have highlighted Friendship Travel as a trusted brand for those seeking singles holidays.

The travel industry was just one of many impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent global lockdown, causing many travel plans and holidays to be cancelled.

Unfortunately, there has been many a news story about holidaymakers finding it incredibly difficult to get a refund on their travel plans from their chosen tour operators.

This troubling situation has been recently highlighted by customer choice experts Which? who writes that “the 10 biggest holiday firms and the 10 biggest airlines all broke the law on refunds for cancelled trips during the current pandemic.”

As Which? states in their report, the law requires that cash refunds be issued to customers within 14 days of package holiday cancellations.

Describing how customers faced unanswered emails, phone calls, and were made to wait months on end before they could get news of a refund, Which? says: “These companies now want customers to book with them again. But given they broke the law on refunds already, there is every risk they will do so again.”

The last thing people need right now is the difficulty of securing a refund that they are certainly entitled too for their holiday. So, we at Friendship Travel are proud to have been highlighted by Which? in their report as a tour operator that can be trusted.

Which? adds: “We have seen numerous examples of firms that are abiding by the law and looking after their customers’ interests.” They go on to list a selection of tour operators who are doing things right and looking after their customers, with Friendship Travel being singled out for our work with solo travellers.

We have also recently written about our commitment to travellers’ safety now that the world is opening up again for travel and we are looking forward to helping you secure your dream holiday.

So, take a look at the many wonderful destinations we have available and consider booking a cheap singles holiday with us soon!