Hi, It’s Mel here (Friendship Travel – Overseas Manager) and I’m on my travels again.

I’ve just arrived in Turkey where I’m looking forward to spending the next 2 weeks in our resort of Oludeniz. This has to be my favourite part of Turkey – the waters are clear and cool, perfect when you need a break from the heat and the sunshine. There is always something interesting to see, from the paragliders soaring down from Babadag Mountain to the scuba divers emerging triumphant from the water.

It’s sure to be a busy couple of weeks, catching up with our guests and our hosts, visiting our hotels and enjoying some Turkish tea and local hospitality. Of course it doesn’t end there, I’m looking forward to some lovely Turkish food, spending at least one day on the gorgeous beach of the Blue Lagoon and naturally it goes without saying 2 weeks of glorious sunshine… now where’s my fan?

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