Gatwick Airport Twitter account recognised as official news source The importance of social networking in the international tourism sector has been long been exhibited, but in what will be a further boost to travellers flying out of England, Twitter officially recognised Gatwick Airport as a trusted news source.

Twitter’s famous ‘blue tick’, which confirms the legitimacy of a Tweeter, means followers can rely on all information from that account as an official source, which could be vital with the inevitable flight delays accompanying the impending holiday season.

Head of airport communications Lindsay Brown said: ‘We recognise the importance of providing accurate and timely communication – not only during times of disruption but also in responding to broader enquiries or passenger feedback. Twitter provides us with an immediate and effective communications platform to do just this and we thank them for their support of our efforts.’

Should you be planning some singles holidays this summer, be sure to follow the account online for any relevant information.

Image credit: Phillip Capper