Goa to employ lifeguards to man inland water bodies The Goa Tourism Department has announced it is to employ lifeguards in a selection of their inland water bodies, many of which are hotspots for tourists.

The tourism board submitted a proposal to the state forest department, calling for the intervention of lifeguards at popular waterfalls and rivers; places where a number of accidents have been recorded in recent years. It’s believed this has been accepted, with Drishti Special Response Services, the company currently that has been providing cover of the beaches since 2008, agreeing to extend inland.

Areas that are believed to have been earmarked for the proposal are tourist hotspots such as the Dudhasgar waterfall, Devil’s Canyon and the sweet water lake at the Arambol.

With these improved measures hoped to be enforced as early as this winter season, it comes as fantastic news for visitors to the region, ultimately providing a safer environment for water based activities. Why not visit Goa this year as part of the many singles holidays available?

Image credit: Alex MillÃ