Goa turns attention to promoting adventure tourism Goa is preparing to promote itself as a leading hub for adventure tourism, with the Indian state proving to be a fantastic region to partake in a range of adrenaline pumping activities.

Although the region is prided on its beautiful beaches and unbeatable sunshine, tourism officials are hoping the new promotion could lead to even more people booking holidays to Goa. With adventure tourism being a growing trend across India, it is a clear indication that Goa is keen to expand their portfolio of holiday choices.

Goa’s expansion into adventure tourism began after the Goa government started the white-water rafting programme more than five months ago, a move which has lead to other sports such as hot-air ballooning and hang-gliding.

While Goa still welcomes around 26 million tourists throughout the calendar, the new leap into adventure tourism will give them a wider choice of activities to partake in during their stay. So often a hotspot for those on solo holidays, why not book a trip to Goa next year and discover this beautiful area for yourself?

Image Credit: freeform systems (flickr)