Greece is swiftly making its way back up the ladder to becoming one of Europe’s top holiday destinations, and just one of the ideas to help it along the way is the plan for a Formula 1 race track.

Greece, a popular destination for solo holidays with great beach weather and a relaxing atmosphere, is intending to build a Formula 1 race track. Not only would this attract millions of Formula 1 fans to come to Greece for a race, but would also be a great way to show viewers at home just how beautiful Greece is.

A €28.9 million subsidy is due to be released to fund the creation of the race track, which is proposed for the western port city of Patras. Although Greece’s islands would surely make a more picturesque setting for a race that will be shown worldwide, practicality of space makes Patra the better choice.

Even if not interested in Formula 1 racing, the racers themselves such as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso could be seen staying on Rhodes Island or Mykonos during their stint in Greece, so keep your eyes peeled in the future for possible celebrity spotting!

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