scene from a holiday in greece

Greece has seen a boom in its tourism industry, with Brits and Germans top of the tourist table, as the country looks to gain record visitor numbers.

2.4 million Brits flocked to the ever popular holiday destination for singles in 2015, with SETE, Greece’s tourism confederation, reporting that by the end of 2016, over 25 million people will have visited Greece. This is up by over three million on the previous year, but figures could yet rise beyond 27 million.

Tourism has always been a fundamental part of the country’s economy, with this latest boost in numbers contributing £12bn in revenue, 24% of Greece’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product.) This has also created 250,000 new jobs, 82.8% of which were in the tourism industry.

Deemed as a safer holiday destination, Greece continues to draw in millions of tourists. The mix of sophisticated cities, relaxed islands and unspoilt scenery all come together to make it an idyllic holiday destination.