Greece plans VAT cut to boost tourismThere is good news for those considering singles holidays in Greece; tourism ministry officials are considering cutting VAT on hotels and restaurants. The tourism ministry has been recently re-established and they appear to already be making plans to boost tourism to the country.

The current VAT rate is 23% and the ministry is aiming to decrease this figure to 12-15%. A move such as this will hopefully result in great savings for visitors to the area if the European Central Bank, European Commission and the IMF give the go ahead for the proposed VAT cut. The tourism ministry aims to make tourism in general cheaper in Greece, something that would appeal to tourists particularly. Greece is a beautiful and intriguing country to visit anyway so the VAT cut gives them just one more great reason to go.

The tourism ministry is making big decisions to benefit tourists in light of its re-establishment and we can expect to see them introducing more incentives to travel to Greece in the future. Why not consider Greece as your next holiday destination and save some money on your next holiday.

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