Greece returning to position as top holiday spotGreece looks set to return to its place as one of the top holiday destinations in Europe after it was announced this week that the country has received a significantly increased number of tourism bookings so far this year. A great destination for those looking to enjoy singles holidays, this spells good news for both those looking to enjoy a trip to Greece and the Greek tourism industry.

With beautiful islands such as Rhodes, Crete and Santorini offering great beaches, stunning weather and those iconic white-walled villages, Greece has long been a favourite with holidaymakers for years. Although 2012 saw bookings dip slightly due to tough economic times, 2013 already looks set to make tourism officials forget 2012.

Bookings from Austria have reportedly risen by 35%, and bookings from Germany are also up by over 10%, suggesting that a laidback and sunny holiday in Greece is exactly what Europeans are looking for this year.

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