Beach in GreeceRecent figures have revealed that tourism numbers in Greece were given a significant boost in 2014, proving that the year-round holiday hotspot is doing little to falter in popularity.

With unspoilt periods of sunshine, pristine beaches and a host of age-old towns and cities to explore, it’s easy to see why Greece has long been a favourable destination for sun holidays for singles and families alike over the years.

It comes after The Bank of Greece released official figures on tourism, showing that the country welcomed in 24.27 million visitors during 2014, indicating an increase of 20.7 per cent in comparison to the 20.1 million who enjoyed the sights of Greece the year previous.

When looking at the figures from a national scale, visitors from France represented the biggest increase with a 27 per cent growth, followed closely by visitors from the USA with 26.9 per cent. Considerable increases from other countries include the UK and Germany, with rises of 13.2 per cent and 8.5 per cent respectively.

The increase in visitors naturally led to a rise in tourism revenue, growing by 10.2 per cent to rest at €13.39 million for the year.

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