Greece still great destination for travellersFears concerning holidaying in Greece during the current economic crisis have been proven to be unfounded following a recent review by The Independent. The review states that Greece is still a top holiday destination for tourists, whether in the capital or on one of their many islands.

The island of Poros was the first stop on the reviewer’s adventure, a typical Greek island with clusters of cottages and a wide choice of beaches. Setting Poros apart from other Greek islands is its monastery, which sits atop a gorge and opens its doors to tourists and locals alike for its Sunday service, and the lone traveller found this welcoming attitude wherever he went on the island. His trip to Athens demonstrates once and for all that warnings of violence and unrest have been exaggerated as his time in Syntagma Square was undisturbed by a scheduled, peaceful protest.

Travelling on singles holidays to Greece remains a top choice for travellers today and visitors should not be put off by stories of discontent and crisis, they are just stories. Greece is undoubtedly still a great place to travel to.

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