Greek tourism has recovered after the recent economic downturn
The financial problems that have blighted Greece in recent times have not put off holidaymakers as tourism in the country has quickly recovered.

Greece has long been a popular place for singles holidays and family holidays, but due to high unemployment rates and the huge debt that caused restrictions on ATM withdrawals to be put in place, many experts said that this would have a huge knock-on effect to the country’s tourism industry.

Initially bookings dropped by 20 per cent in the early parts of the summer, although according to an article on UPI these figures have now recovered.

Aris Ikkos of the Institute of Greek Tourism Confederation, said, “We had 22 million arrivals for the whole of last year and if calm prevails we may even slightly surpass that level.”

It is believed the great weather that the country experiences, the 2,300-year-old history the country boasts and the continuation of the Euro as Greece’s currency are the main reasons that tourism has remained high.

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