Greek tourism organisation reassures travellers Despite growing concern surrounding the Greek financial plight, the country’s tourism association has issued a statement to reassure travellers hoping of taking a summer sojourn to the sun soaked nation.

The Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) claims that now is the perfect time to visit the Mediterranean, whilst also reiterating that 80 per cent of citizens were actually in favour of the country remaining part of the eurozone.

President of SETE, Dr. Andreas Andreadis, said: ‘We are trying to change the way our country and its economy is run, however, this is not going to affect the quality of a holiday. Greece remains one of the top destinations in the world and we reassure holidaymakers that this summer remains business as usual.’

Renowned for its stunning beaches and Mediterranean climate, Greece attracts thousands of holidaymakers year after year and is a great destination to experience some memorable singles holidays.

Image credit: Uri Sittan Tripo